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Dining Roulette

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Dining Roulette: The Truth about Restaurants from the Inside Out is essential reading for every foodie, restaurant goer, and restaurant owner and manager. It reveals the secrets, tips, and industry information needed to establish and maintain a successful business, and gives practical, prescriptive advice to restaurant patrons about what they should look for to determine which restaurants are worth their patronage. Filled with real-life, jaw-dropping stories from the culinary industry, this book is a wake-up call. Did you know that restaurant chains may become a site for the next generation of terror threats? What should you avoid at your favorite restaurant that will make you sick? With authentic, definitive, and often humorous real-life experiences, author John Brown's work is an industry insider's take on the restaurant industry. Brown offers prescriptive advice for restaurant owners, including: ten suggestions to stay in business, how to beat the industry employee turnover rate, and how to avoid common mistakes. For restaurant patrons, Brown gives advice on: evaluating the cleanliness of a restaurant, restaurant vocabulary and phrases, and fine eating establishments that every foodie should visit. Dining Roulette shows why health departments struggle to cope with the everyday challenges of maintaining proper health and safety standards, and why so many people die every year after being served in our restaurants. If you've ever eaten in a restaurant or have upcoming reservations, you must read this book.

My Dining Hell

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'I have been a restaurant critic for over a decade, written reviews of well over 700 establishments, and if there is one thing I have learnt it is that people like reviews of bad restaurants. No, scratch that. They adore them, feast upon them like starving vultures who have spotted fly-blown carrion out in the bush.

They claim otherwise, of course. Readers like to present themselves as private arbiters of taste; as people interested in the good stuff. I'm sure they are. I'm sure they really do care whether the steak was served au point as requested or whether the soufflé had achieved a certain ineffable lightness. And yet, when I compare dinner to bodily fluids, the room to an S&M chamber in Neasden (only without the glamour or class), and the bill to an act of grand larceny, why, then the baying crowd is truly happy.'

About the Author

Jay Rayner is an award-winning writer, journalist and broadcaster with a fine collection of floral shirts. He has written on everything from crime and politics, through cinema and theatre to the visual arts, but is best known as restaurant critic for the Observer. For a while he was a sex columnist for Cosmopolitan; he also once got himself completely waxed in the name of journalism. He only mentions this because it hurt. Jay is a former Young Journalist of the Year, Critic of the Year and Restaurant Critic of the Year, though not all in the same year. Somehow he has also found time to write four novels and two works of non-fiction. He is a regular on British television, where he is familiar as a judge on Masterchef and the resident food expert on The One Show. He likes pig.

A Pair Of Fine Eyes

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What if Mr Darcy had proposed to Jane Bennet before meeting Elizabeth?

For years, Mr Darcy has been haunted by the fine eyes of a woman he glimpsed in a carriage. Unable to find her, he has at last proposed marriage to the sweet, gentle Jane Bennet so that his sister will have an affectionate friend and he himself will have a beautiful and biddable wife. But on finally meeting Jane's sister, he is stunned to find she is the woman of his dreams. Unable to go back on his word, he is tormented by his feelings, the more so because he suspects that Elizabeth is falling in love with him. Their path to happiness lies through tangled circumstances and it is not until the unwitting intervention of Lydia that a solution can be seen


A flurry of muslin gowns, bonnets, shawls, pelisses and capes went past the window and there came the sound of the front door opening.

'My sisters,' said Jane. 'They have been into Meryton.'

Mr Darcy stood up as the four young ladies entered the room. Lydia flew in like a whirlwind, Kitty followed in her wake, Mary walked in stolidly with a book held in front of her face, and Elizabeth . . .

. . . His heart stopped beating.

. . . . Miss Elizabeth Bennet was the young woman from the carriage.

He froze. The woman with the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen; the woman he had spent the last two years trying to find; the woman who had haunted his thoughts and dreams ever since the moment he had caught sight of her; was now standing in front of him.

And he could do nothing about it.

If they had met a year ago . . . . even a day ago . . . it would all have been so very different. He would have paid court to her, wooed her and married her. But now he could do nothing because he was engaged to her sister.

His spirits plummeted as he stood there like a statue, for his proposal was a legal contract, binding on both parties, and one he could not escape.

He felt a terrible wrenching inside him as the trap closed tightly around him, and he thought in anguish: I am marrying the wrong sister.

Dirty Dining

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WHO NEEDS TO READ ABOUT IT? NOW YOU CAN HAVE FIFTY SHADES OF GREY RIGHT IN YOUR VERY OWN KITCHEN!! STEAMY SCENARIOS! TORRID ROMANCE! AND GREAT RECIPES.... Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel didn't start anything new. Ever since Og and Ogette began flirting with one another across a steaming pot of mastodon stew, lovers have enjoyed sharing a romantic meal. Good food, love and laughter just naturally go together. And in this delightful book you have all the ingredients to take your love life to the next level. If-you-dare romantic scenarios and outstanding menus; recipes you'll still be using long after the candles have flickered out. Topped off nicely with a handy how-to-get-it-to-the-table-on-time Game Plan, even a complete Grocery Shopping list for each chapter. It's a perfect gift for you and your one true love. Take off all your clothes and enjoy. Just don't discuss it with your mother. Unless you think she'd like a copy.


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