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Survival Foods - A Guide To Selection And Storage

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Table of Contents Preface Chapter 1 -Introduction Chapter 2 - Survival Foods That You Need by Your Side MRE Rice Beans Cornmeal Lard Salt Sugar Pasta Peanut butter Chapter 3 - What not to store Tuna Flour Saltine and graham crackers Breakfast cereals Tomato items Home dehydrated foods Bottled salad dressings Chapter 4 - Storing your food Ground storage Root cellaring Chapter 5 - Methods of Food Preservation Dehydrating Canning Commercially canned food Frozen foods Chapter 6 - Survival in the Wilderness Universal edibility test Temperate zone plants Tropical zone food plants Desert zone food plants Seaweeds North African plantation Conifers Grasses Oaks Preparation of Plant Food Chapter 7 - Other sources of survival foods Insects Amphibians Fish Birds Small Mammals Reptiles Conclusion References Author Bio Publisher Preface Life as we know it is quite simple. We all have an organized structure in which we live in, and all our necessities are nearby. Humans require water and food, above all other commodities and necessities, to survive and in our natural habitat we do not worry about the provision of these items. A simple visit to the grocery store serves all our requirements. But, our job here is not to tell you the things you already know, but to prepare you for any hurdle that may come into this organized structure. Floods, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster may influence your life negatively and this book is all about helping you in picking the right food to survive in these circumstances. Panic is the first indication of losing it all. We want you to avoid that and the methodology is preplanning and awareness of disastrous situations. In this book, we initiate by advising you about the importance of planning ahead so that you do not feel that you are spending too much just for emergency situations. Shop side by side each time you visit the grocery store. We explain what you need and the shelf lives of the most important high quality survival foods. As we know it is human nature to make mistakes, we also advise you on how you may avoid the key ones in our section of what not to store. Lastly, we tend to the people stuck in the wilderness and give them key points on the identification of safe plants to eat and the gold universal edibility test. This book aims to educate you in choosing the best survival foods and storage instructions to protect you from adverse scenarios.

A Foodie's Guide To Juice Fasting

RRP $29.99

If a juice-based diet is so healthy, why don't more people do it?

They may think they cannot go without food-or they're afraid to even try.

You can overcome that fear, rejuvenate your body, and rid it of toxins with the tools and strategies offered in this guide to juice fasting.

A guide that provides twenty-one juice recipes to quench your foodie's thirst and heal your body.

Get the answers to important questions, such as: Why is it so important to include a form of fasting into daily life? What steps can reduce reliance on caffeine so you can start juice fasting? What other baby steps will help you juice fast? How should you approach the first three days of your juice fast?

Inspirational quotes from some of history's greatest thinkers support the concept of fasting and will set your mind at ease. Plus, the author's personal experience with juice fasting gives you an insider's perspective on what to expect.

Whether you want to overcome a sickness, feel more energetic, or improve your overall health, you'll move closer to your goal with "A Foodie's Guide to Juice Fasting." "

The Skinny Rules Food And Exercise Journal

RRP $14.99

Follow the Skinny Rules Plan to lose weight and stay and healthy! The rules are not based on a fad diet, but rather the end of dieting. The rules focus on building healthy lifestyle habits and turning your body into a Fat Burning Machine! The Skinny Rules Food and Exercise Journal is a comprehensive journal designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals. This journal was made to complement the bestselling book "The Skinny Rules," by Bob Harper. One of the cardinal rules in the book refers to the importance of eating 30 to 50 grams of fiber each day. This is why we included a special section for fiber when most other food journals only include a section for protein, fat and carbs. We added the fiber section to this journal because of the importance of this rule. Eating enough fiber ensures that you'll have a smaller waistline and feel fuller longer, so it's important to track your fiber intake along with other nutritional information. The other sections conform to other skinny rules such as eating a certain amount of protein per day, eating the right carbs before lunch, consuming healthy fats and more!! The interior of the journal features sections for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There is also a section for the time because it's important to eat the right foods and certain times throughout the day, according to Bob Harper. Extra space is also provided to track water intake and write down your exercise goals. This book is jumbo sized, to provide more room for writing, planning and goal setting. In addition, we provided margin space for extra notes, stickers or words of encouragement that you might want to add to help you stay on track! (Bonus: Graphing paper is located at the end of the journal! Feel free to use this take extra notes, paste pictures, more goals and create a mini dream / goal board within the book!) 8 x 11 size

Real Reel Fast

RRP $13.99

This Real Reel Fast edition is a special edition for it is of no one known to Entertainment, however she is all-the-same entertaining! Dr. Sidney Cohen performed tests such as these in Los Angelis County in the Fifties. Oh, and by the way, it is not a spelling error to say Vague...I don't mean Vogue anymore...I mean Vague!

Preserving Food At Home

RRP $16.99

A Fresh Perspective on Frozen and Canned Foods Eating healthy foods, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preserving the environment all go hand in hand. What better way to achieve that than by preserving your food at home! You not only save on your costs but also will not let good food, rot or get thrown away, which will be a waste. Preserving food at your home also allows you to sustain a healthy diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle in return as well. This book is designed to teach people the proper methods for canning and preserving for all types of foods and the benefits of food preservation. This book also includes recipes for canned and frozen foods., This allows people to practice the canning and freezing techniques described and also become familiar with the proper foods that can be used for food preservation. Food preservation has been going on for centuries and people have always found different methods for storing and preserving their foods. Over time these techniques have developed and become more advanced, which makes you wonder how the people of the future will go about preserving food or whether they would even bother doing such a thing? One thing is for sure, the food preserving culture is back and nowadays people are encouraging the need for food preservation and the incredible incentives it provides them. The book is designed to make food preservation easy for people by providing them with the step-by-step methods and techniques for each recipe and how to can and preserve the food or how to cook canned foods. Everybody wants to eat, healthy, fresh and delicious food and food preservation allows you to preserve the food when it is in season and is fresh. Then you can enjoy the pleasures of eating fruit, vegetables and any other type of produce whenever you want; even when it isn't in season. Here is a breakdown of what you will be getting from this book: 1.The benefits of food preservation and the reasons behind it. 2.The proper methods and techniques of food preservation in detail. 3.The type of foods which can be used for preserving and canning foods. 4.The recipes for canned and frozen foods. 5.The myths about food preservation and the breakdown on them. The recipes and techniques for food preservation in the book are designed to help people to enrich their lives by adopting and embracing the methods of food preservation. The step-by-step processes will enable you to learn the techniques, which will then make it easier for you to preserve food and teach it to your friends and family as well.


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