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Cultural Politics Of Food And Eating

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The Cultural Politics of Food and Eating offers an ethnographically informed perspective on the ways in which people use food to make sense of life in an increasingly interconnected world. <br><li>Uses food as a central idiom for teaching about culture and addresses broad themes such as globalization, capitalism, market economies, and consumption practices <br><li>Spanning 5 continents, features studies from 11 countries&#8212;Japan, China, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Burkina Faso, Chile, Trinidad, Mexico, and the United States <br><li>Offers discussion of such hot topics as sushi, fast food, gourmet foods, and food scares and contamination</li>

Food Production & Eating Habits From Around The World

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This book brings together a selection of studies written by specialists from universities and/or research institutions from every continent. The processes of change in systems of production, commercialisation, and consumption of food, as well as the problems and nutritional habits analysed here, develop within the framework of the technological and socio-productive transformations experienced in many parts of the world as a consequence of the transition from traditional rural societies to the predominantly urban and industrial societies of our time. Many of these societies are affected by the fluctuations, questions, or socio-economic uncertainties caused principally by what is named globalisation. The authors involved in this volume are from a variety of backgrounds and their theoretical-analytical focuses regarding eating habits are quite diverse. However, independent of their different perspectives and scientific disciplines (Anthropology, Communication, Economy, Marketing, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology and Sociology), all of these authors are united in their concerns regarding similar food processes and problems, such as the industrialisation of food production, junk food, fast food, eating disorders, overeating, obesity, the impacts of ideal body images on eating behaviours, lifestyles and feeding, anorexia, bulimia, organic foods, healthy foods, functional foods, and so on. Moreover, in a time shaped by a worldwide standardisation of eating habits, the search for identity, specificity, or distinction through the acquisition and consumption of foods is commonplace in many chapters of the book. Likewise, these chapters show a generalised interest on the negative effects of the advertising and communications media that often drive patterns of food consumption and provoke desires for ideals of beauty and body forms prejudicial to health. As the editor states in the preface, all this occurs in an ever more modernised and globalised world in which artificial procedures of the production of industrial foods that are quite opaque to the general public become increasingly widespread. In such a world, while people's concerns over the healthiness of foods increase, we are witnessing a non-stop expansion of markets for organic food, as well as the repeated manipulation of growing consumers' preferences for certain foodstuffs that they believe are healthy or have specific natural qualities. This manipulation frequently takes place through a variety of advertisements that announce a series of industrial foods as supposedly possessing these qualities. Obviously, a priority objective of these and other advertising strategies is to increase sales in the agro-alimentary sector in a context of obvious over-production and over-supply, which in turn is translated into the stimulation of food consumption. This would help explain such developments in the current consumer society, which is explored in further detail in many chapters of this book.

Food For Saints

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"Food For Saints," is a collection of Christian poems, inspired by God, for the edification and encouragement of Christians. These poems are witty, funny and a "little" preachy, but they are written for understanding in plain language... They are poems that rhyme. These select poems covers a wide range of topics as the author challenges believers in Christ to greater faithfulness in their Christian walk. A rich array of poems that encourage Christians to be steadfast and obedient while following the "True Way of Life," taught by Christ. Poems include topics on biblical teachings, spiritual formation, stories of Bible characters, how to survive spiritual warfare, as well as numerous teachings of God's Grace, Mercy, Goodness and Love.

A Guide To The Daniel Fast

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to perform the Daniel fast, improve physical health and achieve mental enlightenment. The Daniel Fast is a religious fast and thought up by prophet Daniel thousands of years ago. Essentially, Daniel fast is a partial fast, aim to provide physical, mental and spiritual greatness to the devotees. When performing Daniel fast, you have to avoid all animal products, processed foods, white flour, additives, preservatives, sweeteners, caffeine, and alcohol. Fundamentally the Daniel fast offer you a healthy lifestyle and improves every aspect of your life. If you are religious minded, then this diet offers you an opportunity to come close to God and improve your mental and physical health.

Enzymes In Food Processing

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Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the use of enzymes as food processing tools, as an understanding of their means of control has improved. Since publication of the first edition of this book many new products have been commercially produced and the corresponding number of published papers has swollen. This second edition has been fully revised and updated to cover changes in the last five years. It continues to provide food technologists, chemists, biochemists and microbiologists with an authoritative, practical and detailed review of the subject.


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