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How The Tortoise Became Fast

RRP $18.99

How did the tortoise know he was going to win the race? Now, the story is finally be told.

Discover the path the tortoise took to reach your goals too!

Everyone knows that tortoise beat the hare in the race.

Very few people know how the tortoise prepared for that moment.

Join Tommy the Tortoise on his journey through the six goal setting steps that transformed him into the "fastest" creature in the forest.

The same six step process that works for tortoises has been proven effective for humans as well.

Like any journey, however, you cannot get to where you want to go until you are willing to start.

All of the tools you to reach your goals are in this one book.

The story of the tortoise and the hare is used to guide the reader through the steps with sections afterwards that include insights, activities, and goal setting worksheets.

Whether it's for business or self-help, everyone can follow these steps to lead to success

Why should you buy this book?

- It's a quick and easy read - not a 400 page technical snoozefest!

- You can get back to the business of achieving your goals faster!

- It doesn't tell you what your goals should be, that's up to you - but it does give you a path to follow.

- There are real life examples given for each step that anyone can relate to.

- Anyone from teenagers to CEO's can find value in the books message.

- Aren't you curious why the tortoise thought he could win the race in the first place!

Look at what one website who reviewed the book said!

"(This book) reminded me of those by Patrick Lencioni, another author who understands the value of the story. Here, Mercer uses the fable of the tortoise and the hare as a backdrop for down-to-earth advice on how to set and achieve goals.

Mercer alternates an imaginative lead up to the classic race told from the tortoise's point of view with chapters summarizing the steps to take to first decide what to do and then achieve the desired results. He even includes worksheets" Frances Thomas,

10% of proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the Paralyzed Veterans of America!

Go to to learn more or donate to this great organization.

Buy this book and start down the path of achieving your goals today!

The Orlando Mass Casualty Event

RRP $14.99

NEW: Updated to document a total of 70 anomalies documented with 166 linked endnotes and to include as an appendix the letter sent via certified mail to FBI Director James Comey with a copy of the chapter in draft form. - - - I have executed a false flag operation - no one died - for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The term "false flag" means nothing more or less than "not what it seems." The FBI, our final line of defense against domestic treason or foreign covert operations on US soil, appears to have sacrificed its integrity and turned false flag terrorism into a budget-building campaign. - - - Bottom Line Up Front: Orlando was a false flag planned months in advance by the Obama-Biden Administration, and in my judgment, specifically by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), with the full complicity in advance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Among the key indicators - I list seventy (70) of them with linked documentation in this publication - are these: 01 Omar Mateen did not expect to die - he was booked to fly on the 14th 02 Mateen has been groomed since 2011, probably by the Mossad pretending to be CIA, and including two upper-end trips to Saudi Arabia and beyond. 03 The responding police were ordered not to go after him inside the club 04 All medical matters are ludicrous, undocumented, an impossibility 05 All witnesses appear to be scripted, less the laughing winking cop 06 Three musical follow-ups were clearly developed in advance of the day 07 The event started at closing time; 7 of the 8 exits were not used. 08 All audio-visual evidence has been eradicated - nothing from the CCTVs in the club (over eight of them), nothing from individual cell phones, nothing from Mateen's u nscripted calls to his handler during the 3 hour stand-down, nothing from police scanner traffic during the entire period. 09 The FBI is known to have manufactured 175 domestic "terrorist" cases. - - - The following groups of anomalous questions are addressed: A. Context: Who Benefits? B. Why Orlando, Why A Gay Club at Closing Time? C. Evidence of Multiple Shooters? D. Media-Based Evidence of Complicity & Cover-Up? E. Government-Based Evidence of Theatrical False Flag? F. Omar Mateen's Personal or Family History? G. Omar Mateen's Psychological Profile? H. Pulse Club as a Stage Set? I. Medical Characteristics of Alleged or Real Victims? J. Contextual Complicity of Government? KEY QUESTION: Did anyone including Omar Mateen actually die? There has been no evidence at all that anyone has actually died. If no one actually died - indeed Mateen and his family could be enroute to the witness protection program and a happy resettlement as this is written - then this was a badly-staged DHS false flag operation with the possibility that some of the good people trapped in our bad system of government knowingly allowed it to be so bad as a form of internal civil disobedience - a good thing. If Mateen and the claimed 49 did die, then this could be a Mossad operation that has been planned since 2011 against the day - today - when Israel has its back to the wall in relation to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and Obama is resisting giving Israel the aid package it wants while also supporting a United Nations (UN) decision against Israel on Palestine. This survey of seventy distinct anomalies is offered as a tool for public reflection.


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