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Making The Case For A Vegetarian Lifestyle

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Who Else Wants to Look Better, Feel Better, Have More Energy and Even Add Years to Their Life by Living a Clean and Wholesome Vegetarian Lifestyle? Now You Can Discover How You can Your Family Can Easily and Safely Avoid the Chemicals, Preservatives, Growth Hormones and Other Harmful Toxins Found in Almost All of Today's Meats and Over-Processed Foods!

A Guide For Developing Parenting Styles

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Years ago, a mom who has read tens of books about children's education and parenting over the years complained me that the cases presented in books were most of the time totally irrelevant in her case, and added that she was unable to get the results she expected when she tried to practice what were written in books. When I brought up the topic during my interviews with many moms and dads, I observed that a lot of parents had difficulty in adjusting what was written in the books to suit to their daily lives. It can be quite difficult task to write a separate book for each parent but why wouldn't it be possible for parents to adjust the information presented and examples given to suit to their own lives? This book was prepared to serve this purpose. Subjects covered in this book includes a wide age range from early childhood to adolescence. This will enable the families to make the most of this work during all stages of their children's development. The book first presents a case study to the reader, and then the reader is asked to put themselves in the heroes' place and think what could be done, followed by helpful information regarding the resolution of the case and the reader is asked to focus on how s/he could solve this problem in the light of available information. What is aimed here is to make sure the readers can analyze situations with a different perspective, evaluate the subjects in a constructive manner, reach a judgment after re-evaluating in the light of information presented regarding the subject being discussed and devise solutions that would suit to their own family structures in consideration what are given.

Lifestyle For Total Development

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For a happy, peaceful and meaningful life it is essential that we find time for our health, family and personality development. We cannot ignore our relationships in society and the spiritual enlightenment. The Author has made an attempt to cover all these aspects in this book. It is hoped that this simple book will inspire readers to adopt the right lifestyle for their total development. Thus they will not only add happiness to their own life but will improve their relationships with family, relatives, neighbours, society and in the long run serve the nation better.

Family Law And Practice

RRP $452.99

For courses in Family Law in a wide variety of legal studies degree and certificate programs.


Family Law and Practice, Fourth Edition, combines the theoretical and practical aspects of family law, preparing students to enter the workplace thoroughly knowledgeable about both family law and the procedural law requirements of family law practice. An Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint lecture slides, and a Test Bank accompany this text.


Teaching and Learning Experience:

  • Comprehensive coverage that links theory, history, and practice.
  • Interesting, modern cases that reinforce important connections between theory and application.
  • Critical thinking and application of concepts that reinforce knowledge, understanding, and skill development in the area of family law and practice.

The Ultimate Visual Guide To Hairstyles

RRP $29.95

This is a gallery of 160 great looks for every kind of hair type and length with essential information on hair-care and hairstyling, illustrated in over 290 photographs.

This is an essential guide to finding the perfect style to suit your hair type and face shape. It includes 160 unique looks in four inspirational style galleries, divided between short, mid-length, long and curly hair. It features a useful guide to help you define your hair type, as well as indispensable information on choosing a hairdresser, and the various treatments available.

It reveals salon secrets for achieving and maintaining healthy, glossy-looking hair at home. It is beautifully illustrated in 290 stunning photographs. Choosing a new hairstyle can be an exciting opportunity to reinvent your look, but finding the right style for you can be a daunting task. This book is an essential guide to hairstyles and hair care, featuring over 160 unique styles across four dedicated galleries of short, mid-length, long, and curly hair.

Included is practical information on identifying your hair type and face shape, making it easier to choose a style that will suit you, as well as an indispensable guide to choosing a hairdresser, and handy tips for achieving a salon finish at home. Beautifully illustrated in 290 inspiring photographs, this is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to update their look.

About the Author

Nicky Pope is a journalist and magazine publisher who now specializes in the hair and beauty industry. Over the past 15 years she has been editor or publisher of several trade hair magazines and notably in 2000 co-founded a new hairdressing business title, Creative HEAD, which has become one of the leading publications for the sector today. Since 2005, she has been publisher for an international magazine company producing hair and beauty magazines, including Tribute magazine, shows and books. As a well-known writer and commentator for the hairdressing industry, she enjoys a varied portfolio of commitments working across the UK and Europe. Her broadcasting experience includes radio and TV and she also undertakes speaking engagements both in and outside hairdressing and beauty.


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Fine Dining Dining Out Fast food Fast casual
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