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Forgiveness God Style

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Just hours away from being aborted A child of divorce Twice adopted Three different last names by the age of 16 Married the love of my life who - 48 years later - promised me, "Your life will be hell!" 4 times displaced from my home Emotionally abused A casualty in the war of divorce Left heavily in debt, with little resources and a bad credit rating Can anything good come from such a life?!? Absolutely, if God is in it. When I was 12, I met Jesus. That began a love affair that still continues to grow. Family interference started two years later with restrictions as to when and if I could go to church. During those disappointing, tough teen years, I found two Scriptures that became my solid foundation: 1 John 3 - reinforced my identity and revealed my characteristics as God's child. Sadly, so many people today live in spiritual poverty because they don't know who they are. But that's another book. Ephesians 4:11 - became my life verse. It taught me that contentment wasn't dependent on where I was or what I had. It gave me a mindset based on God. He was in control of my life. Wherever He placed me and whatever my circumstances were, I was there for a purpose - a purpose that would glorify Him and benefit me. So, what then is God's take on forgiveness? The answer is found in 2 Chronicles 7:14. When we meet His conditions, God promised to forgive our sins and heal our land. To me, 'land' means what farmers need to produce their crops. I'm not a farmer. What, then, is my land that God will heal? What are my crops? Land in the physical brings forth fruit. So it is in the spiritual. My very existence is the land that God heals. When I am forgiven, I am in a position to receive healing from the wounds caused by those sins - whether my sins or other people's. As that healing takes place, my capacity to produce spiritual fruit (Galatians 5:22, 23) increases. Unfortunately, people - like my husband - stop at the 'forgiveness' step. Never receiving God's healing leaves the soil of their lives uncultivated. Journey with me through these pages. Listen to a dialogue between God and his child as He shares insights of His actions. Visit with biblical characters and learn of their feelings, fears and thoughts on forgiveness. Discover the process to find out who exactly needs forgiving. Read God's letters explaining His point of view on 'loving our enemies.' Come. Take my hand as we walk through the field of Forgiveness, God-Style.

Gluten Free Lifestyle

RRP $13.99

A gluten free diet can be fun and delicious!

This is not a fad diet, or short term weight loss program that sometimes makes you worse off than before you started.

Going gluten free is a necessity for some people and is prescribed to 1 out of every 100 people doctors and health professionals every day!

But don't feel like you are doomed to boring food and a life of despair. In my new book I show you everything you need to now about turning your gluten free diet into a fun and delicious lifestyle that you and your family can enjoy!

Here's what you will learn inside:

  • What the heck is gluten and should I avoid it?
  • The benefits of a gluten free diet
  • Why weight loss is easier on a gluten free diet
  • Practical advice on how to start living a gluten free lifestyle
  • Shopping tips for going gluten free
  • Gluten free meal planning
  • How celebrities are getting results with a gluten free diet
  • And much, much more..

Let's turn your gluten free diet into fun together. Get "Gluten Free Lifestyle" today!

A Guide For Developing Parenting Styles

RRP $29.99

Years ago, a mom who has read tens of books about children's education and parenting over the years complained me that the cases presented in books were most of the time totally irrelevant in her case, and added that she was unable to get the results she expected when she tried to practice what were written in books. When I brought up the topic during my interviews with many moms and dads, I observed that a lot of parents had difficulty in adjusting what was written in the books to suit to their daily lives. It can be quite difficult task to write a separate book for each parent but why wouldn't it be possible for parents to adjust the information presented and examples given to suit to their own lives? This book was prepared to serve this purpose. Subjects covered in this book includes a wide age range from early childhood to adolescence. This will enable the families to make the most of this work during all stages of their children's development. The book first presents a case study to the reader, and then the reader is asked to put themselves in the heroes' place and think what could be done, followed by helpful information regarding the resolution of the case and the reader is asked to focus on how s/he could solve this problem in the light of available information. What is aimed here is to make sure the readers can analyze situations with a different perspective, evaluate the subjects in a constructive manner, reach a judgment after re-evaluating in the light of information presented regarding the subject being discussed and devise solutions that would suit to their own family structures in consideration what are given.

A Forever Family For The Army Doc

RRP $14.99

Rescued by the single mum...

As a nurse and single mom, Izzy Halliday has her hands full. The last thing she needs is the distraction of a man—even one as irresistible as new hospital director Nicholas Macpherson! 

Former army doc Mac has come to Wetherby to heal his soul—but the sparks flying between him and stunning redhead Izzy aren't bringing him much peace! Mac is in search of a quiet life, but time with Izzy and her daughter soon teaches him the unexpected joys of a chaotic family life...

Lifestyle Media And Gender In American Culture

RRP $300.99

This book explores the emergence of "lifestyle" in the US, first as a term that has become an organizing principle for the self and for the structure of everyday life, and later as a pervasive form of media that encompasses a variety of domestic and self-improvement genres, from newspaper columns to design blogs. Drawing on the methodologies of cultural studies and feminist media studies, and built upon a series of case studies from newspapers, books, television programs, and blogs, it tracks the emergence of lifestyle's discursive formation and shows its relevance in contemporary media culture. It is, in the broadest sense, about the role played by the explosion of lifestyle media texts in changing conceptualizations of selfhood and domestic life.


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